1. Providing information about your company 
2. Providing information on your products and services
3. Selling your products and or services 
4. Communicating with clients 
5. Communicating with suppliers 
6. Communicating with employees 
7. Communicating with prospective clients

Digital Resource can help you identify the features and benefits that you want and will systematically help you design a web strategy that will be responsive, and cost-effective. 

Corporate Image

Your web site can display your corporate image in ways that the printed media cannot and is less expensive than television or video advertising.


A web site does cost money to create, maintain and host but can save you money in the future in several areas. One example would be printing costs - press releases, brochures, catalogs, faxes, and more can be sent globally with the click of a mouse. Another example of savings would be in communications costs - such as faxing documents and long distance phone calls. These can now be done easily and safely on the Internet.


A web site is a interactive full-color brochure that is available immediately 24 hours a day all around the globe.


A web site saves you time while offering information at your client's convenience. E-mail links and e-mail forms on your web site provide your clients with an easy way to contact you at times convenient to them -- you respond at a time convenient to you.


People perceive a business with a web site as a business in touch with today's economy. Clients will look forward to browsing your web site for more information on you and your company. Many of your competitors are already there.


Information gets stale quickly. The dynamic nature of a web site allows your business to disseminate important information quickly and at low cost. Web sites can be updated at a moment's notice unlike other forms of mass marketing.

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